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We are infinisense technologies

We provide 3D scanning technologies for product integration

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infiniscan is the world's first intraoral 3D scanning technology kit. We provide the complete technology chain and know-how required to build a top-performing intraoral 3D scanner product.   

  • 3D acquisition with supreme accuracy and detail

  • Highly capable and efficient RGB-D SLAM and post-processing

  • Fully functional reference hardware for demonstration and evaluation

  • Optical, mechanical and electronic hardware reference designs

  • Software Development Kit (SDK)​


See more 3D scan examples or contact us for more information about infiniscan

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Our patent pending 3D acquisition technology delivers intra- and extraoral scans with supreme accuracy and detail.

  • ​High 3D frame rate (30 fps)

  • Accurate, detailed and dense 3D data

  • Excellent performance on shiny surfaces, e.g. wet dental tissue and metal

  • No powder required

  • High power-efficiency, enabling wireless and fanless handpiece design

  • Low-cost, compact and maintenance-free optical hardware

  • Depth and RGB color output


Full arch standard deviation against reference scan: 39µm
Reference acquired with dental lab scanner CADstar® CS.NEO

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infinislam is a highly capable and efficient RGB-D SLAM and post-processing library. We license out infinislam as a standalone product in the form of a Software Development Kit (SDK).

  • ​Realtime performance on a mid-range GPU

  • Smart noise suppression and highly accurate registration

  • Robust tracking performance using depth- and photogrammetric features

  • Fast and reliable relocalization (e.g. after scan pause or tracking loss)

  • Tolerates deforming surfaces (e.g. tongue, cheeks)

  • Low-latency and high quality visual feedback

  • Loop detection and closure

  • Point cloud and mesh output

infinislam was developed for intraoral scanning, but it has many potential applications beyond dental such as industrial 3D scanning and mapping (e.g. for real estate and civil engineering).

See more 3D scan examples or contact us for more information about infinislam

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We are a technology company focusing on 3D computer vision and optical metrology. 

We conduct R&D and license out our technologies in a B2B business model. In addition, we provide technology consulting and contracted development services.


We are here to innovate and compete with the best, and we believe that quality, continuous improvement and customer orientation are keys to long term success.

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